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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are you serious?

Ok, now they make us go cyber – whatever that means. And here we were, two innocent cats just minding our business. They say it’s for popular demand from people who know us and want to see what we are up to. We don’t know about that and honestly we think that this is just too much work to incorporate into our already busy days. I mean who has the time to write about our daily adventures and – God forbid – even add pictures between sleeping, eating and getting our share of petting and lots of treats? We tried to get our two cents into this whole thing but no matter what we did to that thing they call a mouse (yeah right, doesn’t look like one, doesn’t taste like one but what do they know) we could not get it to do anything but change the way the screen looked. Maybe we need to get to this other gadget to get our message out. But ever since Trapper here stepped on some of those funny looking keys, adding his comment, and then (so they say) sending an unfinished e-mail to a perplexed recipient, they make sure it’s safely stored away in its drawer.

Looks like we have no choice here but to go along for the ride and see where this is going.

hunter and trapper

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