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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little bit about us

Well, well you might think, who are those two gorgeous looking guys?

We still don't know what to think of this whole thing, but as long as we are here, we might as well let you know a little bit about us:

Hunter (that's him in the picture by the way) is the older of us. He came to live with André* and Sue* in 2000 and soon took to his new home. No wonder, he had been abandoned and left to die in the forest before he was found by a hunter and brought to the Human Society where André and Sue found him. His camouflage coloured coat and the fact that he had been rescued by a hunter lead the shelter to name him Hunter. André and Sue stuck to this name. Hunter has an interesting ancestry: the vet (that is our physician) says he has a bobcat or a lynx in his family tree about 3 generations back. And wow, if he ever gets angry, that really shows.

Living la vida lazy, as I like to call it, Hunter didn't exactly stay lean, if you get my drift. So in 2003 André and Sue decided to give him a companion. At the Human Society they found this tiny little guy - just a few weeks old (and the perfect breakfast size for Hunter) - and decided to take him home. That is me, in case you haven't caught on. Having kind of her own way of thinking, Sue named me Trapper as an other kind of outdoors guy thing. Go figure women!

Anyway, so much for Hunter's background. He'll tell you a little bit about me next week. See you around


*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of humans involved

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