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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's apuzzle

Hi everyone

This week we have to tell you about a phenomenon that keeps us wondering. We just can't figure it out. Here is what happened: Sue kept complaining about being hot and then two days ago this thing happened. She and André went to town and when they came back we hardly recognized Sue.
Her fur had come off and grown back in a matter of a few hours. But not just that, it had grown back much shorter and the colour has changed too. Her fur is now shorter than ours! We just can't figure out how that works. With us it's twice a year that we loose our fur and grow a new one and it's predictable when that happens - in spring and in fall. Period.
Humans are so different. First of all they only have fur on their heads (André doesn't even have that) and for that reason kind of look funny anyways. Second it seems they can change it at any time they want. We don't know if that really is the case or if it's just coincidence. And then it never seems to grow back the way it was before. It changes colour and is shorter. Almost like they loose it and then it grows back partially in a hurry but then it keeps growing until they decide to change it again. This is so complicated. With us it's simple, change it twice a year, same colour, same length everything.It's a real mystery. Have you ever thought about what you would do, Hunter, if we could change fur at will?
Not really, but if one looks as gorgeous as we two do there really is no need to change anything. It could only come out worse, don't you think?
True! And with that we leave you for today. We don't know when we will be able to tell you more about our travels because André and Sue keep talking about going into an area where there may be no internet but hopefully we will be connected again in a few days or a week or so. Boy, this makes me realize that we truly have become cybercats1 Who would have thought that?!

See you around
hunter and trapper

PS: don't forget to read André's and Sue's blogs (listed on the side), too and to follow our trip on Google map and on facebook. You can also check our web site for more pictures.

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