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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taveling is cool

This traveling thing turns out to be very interesting indeed. While we still struggle with the whole driving part, we found out that the stays are actually super cool. No place is like the one before, they all look different and the smells! Wow, we get to sniff all kinds of new and fascinating stuff. You see, after we have put up with the shaking on the road, Sue has taken us out at every stop. So we got to explore the surroundings, look, listen and smell. My buddy Hunter here, in his usual manner, only takes a few steps from the trailer before he lays down and takes his time familiarizing himself with the new location. Then, once he feels comfortable, he gets up and starts to walk wherever the most interesting smells and sounds are coming from.
True, easy does it, my friend. You, Trapper, on the other hand seem to think that there simply is too much terrain to cover to loose any time and you get going as soon as your paws hit the ground. The other day Trapper quickly detected a squirrel and started chasing after it. Too bad Sue couldn't keep up with him and so he ran out of leash before getting to the squirrel. The little bugger then ran up a tree and mockingly chattered at Trapper. How frustrating! But all in all it is very interesting and, man, is the world big! We must have been driving 20 hours or so and still haven't arrived at the end. It must come soon, though. At least we think so. You know how they say that a cat will always find his or her way back home? If we had to start now, it would take us a long time to get back to Lake Nipissing. And we probably would get lost somewhere along the way. So the end of the world has to be someplace close or any cat would have a hard time finding the way back.
Anyways, when we're not driving or outside, we still get to enjoy the new places. Hunter's favorite spot is right at the open door. Only the screen door keeps him from walking outside. And Trapper here is all over the trailer, wherever he can see out a window. He often chases after something he sees by running from one window to the next and back. Bottom line is: traveling turns out to be fun!

See you around
hunter and trapper

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