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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well trained

Hi everyone

After a really nice and relaxing week outside of St. John's André and Sue decided to continue our trip. We had loved a longer stay without moving around and this was not the first time we did that. As much fun as it is to explore a new campground there is something to be said for longer stays too. We think we finally got through to those two and they begin to understand that the key is the right mixture. They still have a lot to learn about traveling but we do our best to train them well.

There is one thing we can't get André to understand though. This guy is up in the middle of the night when it's still dark out and there goes our beauty-sleep. He moves around, starts cooking, sometimes sets off the smoke alarm which is this annoying shrill beep that hurts our ears and worst of all, he closes the bedroom door. This of course means that Hunter can't get in there anymore until Sue finally gets out of bed. For me it's no problem at all. I just squeeze under the door and jump on Sue. She is the total opposite of André when it comes to getting up. Boy do we sometimes have a problem getting her out of bed.

It was a bit better when we first started traveling but now we are lucky if she shows up before 8. Why does that bother us? Well she is the one giving us treats when she finally comes crawling out of there. Treats are important to us, like walks outside and getting pet and brushed. We work hard to get as many as possible and we can say we have been very successful in training Sue about that. We got her to give us treats not only for doing something nice or well but also to reward us for what she and André achieve! That's so cool. Imagine getting treats for no other reason than her getting up in the morning for example.

And that's not all. We have both of them at the point where they are happy grooming or petting us or simply because we go to them. We don't have to anything but be there and let ourselves be pampered and then we get those treats as a reward. Then again, we allow them the company of cats and not just any cats, the two bests cats there are. Humans are so funny this way.

Well, we got Sue to type our blog. Her work is done and I bet you she'll reward us for that :-)

See you around
hunter and trapper

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