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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Traveling cats

So here we are in Corner Brook. The day we arrived it was pouring and by the time André and Sue had our fifth wheel parked and water and electricity hooked up they were wet to the bone. Don't they know that they are supposed to seek shelter in weather like this? I mean, really! We had come to the conclussion that they were pretty smart for humans but that was before they kept staying out in the rain like some dummies. At least Sue didn't try to drag us outside for an inspection of the campground. We would have told her something if she had. So we settled in for a lazy day (not too many of those when you're on the road) and I had just dozed off when I was woken by Trapper calling me.

Another trailer had parked just beside us and when the rain stopped the door opened and out came the owner: another cat with her two humands. I just had to call Hunter and have him see for himself that we are not the only traveling cats. That's so exciting and we would have loved to go out there and meet her, exchange a few road-stories and tips and of course tell her that while she was welcome here, we had been here first.

Yes, that is very important, we have to let her know that this is our campground. But no matter how much we begged and pleaded, Sue didn't hear us or pretended not to understand what we wanted. She did not let us out. That was a bit mean of her and she better watch out. We'll pay her back for this sooner or later.

It's been raining on and off since we arrived here and so we still didn't get to go out. Now we hope that the weather will be better at our next stop which will be close to Port-aux-Basques. André and Sue have been talking about that town the last few days and we can't wait to see what the fuss is all about. Meantime we hang around here and keep an eye on the trailer next to ours. Who knows, maybe we will get a chance to go meet that cat after all.

See you around
hunter and trapper

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