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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We could really get used to this

Hi everyone

Yeah, we really could get used to living the life we're living right now. This is just about the most relaxing  lifestyle we know. We get to sleep whenever we want, eat whenever and as much as we want, get all the treats the heart desires and go for more frequent and longer walks outside. I mean really: what more can one ask for?

I completely agree, Trapper, we have it made down here in Florida. And with André and Sue having nothing more to do than to take care of us, we can't ask for anything more. Except maybe that André and Sue would be around a little bit more. You see, they have developed a lifestyle of their own which means they go out and do stuff without even asking our permission. Just in the last five days for example they have constantly been doing fun stuff. Last Saturday they went for lunch then had a golf lesson. Sunday of course they had to rest and, from what I gather, recover from being a little sore from Saturday's activities. I never quiet get how humans enjoy things that make them feel sore and not just once but repeatedly.

Exactly. Would you believe that they went back to the golf course on Monday to shoot some balls on the driving range? One would think they've learned their lesson, but nooooo! Right back at it they go. Tuesday they decided it was too hot for more golfing and went to the pool instead. Obviously they met some nice people to talk to there because they seemed to take forever to come back home. And today they even did both. Or at least Sue did. She went golfing with some other ladies and after she came back, she and André went to the pool again. We had a really hard time getting her to write this blog for us.

In their defense we have to say though that they are not just all fun and no work, they also do their chores such as taking care of us, doing dishes and bringing out the garbage. André goes shopping and cooks and once in a while Sue cleans up a little and does the laundry. Still I'm wondering if they too are getting used to this new lifestyle. I for one wouldn't mind if we just kept going like this forever. What about you, Trapper?

Oh yeah, bring it on. I could go like this for the rest of my life but I think that's not going to happen. André and Sue are talking about the coming summer and from what I hear, they plan on traveling again. Well, as long as they don't go back to the Trans-Labrador Highway, I guess we can live with that, too.

See you around
hunter and trapper

PS: don't forget to read André's and Sue's blogs (listed on the side), too and to follow our trip on Google map and on facebook. You can also check our web site for more pictures.

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