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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall is here

Fall has come at our house and we both love this time of year: it is not busy at the camp anymore and every so often Sue will take us out for a walk. This is the time to chase after squirrels or a leaf blowing in the wind. We are indoors cats but we love to look out the window and observe what's going on so Sue decided to give us a treat in form of a walk once in a while during the off-season. So she bought harnesses for us. When she puts them on, we know what's coming and can hardly wait to get out the door. Once outside we have completely different ideas of fun though: Hunter likes to walk a few steps then lay down and listen, watch and sniff the air for any interesting smells. After a while he will get up and walk some other place to do the same thing over. Rarely does he go really far which is a good thing should he ever manage to get out on his own. He actually did that once when he was living here only a short time. André and Sue had not noticed and gone to town. When they returned, Hunter was waiting for them underneath the bench on the front porch and he was happy to get back inside.

That's true but Trapper didn't mention that I, too like to chase after birds, squirrels and leafs. Not that I ever caught one but it's fun never the less. So the laying down and observing is only for times when there is nothing to chase close by.

Trapper has never caught anything either but he came close on butterflys, bumble bees and a couple of chip munks. He loves to explore and as soon as he's out the door Sue will have to try and keep up with him so not to constantly hold him back with the leash. He usually runs around the house and down to the beach where he loves to trow himself into the sand and wiggle around until one can't tell the colour of his coat anymore. Then it's off to the neighbour's place and up to the cottages and the big barn. It's funny to watch how he is running and Sue following. It looks as if he is dragging her behind.

One spring I went down to the beach and the lake was still frozen so I decided to go over to our neighbour over the ice rather than on land. Boy, that was cold and a completely new experience! I had to shake my paws after each step the whole way.

So now you know why we love springs and falls. It's for the walks and the fun they offer.

See you around

hunter and trapper

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