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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You win some and you lose some

You win some and you lose some. It's so true! Here we are after the last of the guest have left and we are not busy anymore trying to get to the office and welcome everyone who comes through the door. Yet we have more work to do now because with the down-season André and Sue seem to get into a totally different rhythm. It's the same every year. They wind down, Sue sleeps in in the morning (well, actually she does that year round) and then dresses kind of funny and leaves the house for a few hours almost every afternoon. She says she's going hunting but we don't know whether to believe her or not. She's got no fangs or claws - how on earth does she expect to ever catch anything? What is she trying for anyway? People don't like mice and she sure isn't going to catch a bird.

So how does that make for more work for us? Well, it's harder to get her to give us treats leave alone type our blog for us. You may have been wondering about that already. How are those two doing it? Good question. After the problems we described to you at the beginning, we figured that she would never let us use that keyboard thing again and so we had to find another way to post our thoughts. You know what they say. Revenge is sweet! And since she was the one getting us into this, we decided to pay her back by making her do at least some of the work: the typing. It's the small part really and we do the heavy lifting - the thinking. So far it worked pretty good until she started to slip. She missed a deadline last week and today we really had to keep at her to sit down and write this week's news. We sure hope this is just a temporary problem or we will have to look around for an alternative. Any volounteers out there?

Lets hope for the best and see how it's going in the next few weeks. The good news is that Sue doesn't like the cold too much and so her erratic behavior (that going out every day) may stop soon again all by itself.

See you around

hunter and trapper

PS: Can you believe it? This is our 20st posting. And to think that at the beginning we didn't even know if we wanted to go along with this cyberspace stuff. Twenty posts - wow! This calls for a celebration. Lets go bug Sue for some well deserved treats!

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