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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yeah ooooops: we missed our deadline for yesterday. Sorry about that, fans. In our defense we have to say it was not our fault. It was Sue's (she doesn't mind at all to be blamed for this ;-) ). How come? Well as we said in our last posting, fall has arrived here at our house and with that a whole bunch of activities. André and Sue have been busy getting the place ready for winter and that includes collecting all the bird feeders, cleaning them and then putting them up in just four locations: at the walkway to the house, in front of the living room window and at the playground. This way, Sue says, she doesn't have to go all over the place through the (sometimes deep) snow to refill them. Makes sense in a way, although a bit of exercise would do her good. Anyway. She also put a couple of feeders up for us again on the window. Remember the picture in the blog from two weeks ago? Those are the ones. Stick to the window and so the birds will be right before our noses. André and Sue call it "the cats' own entertainment system". Funny: they have TV year round and we have our own for a few months lol

So, how does that explain the delay of this posting: well you know, as soon as those feeders were up we had to check if the birds were coming. So we spent a busy afternoon sitting at the window and only leaving to have a snack, go to the bathroom or tell Sue that no birds had shown up yet and ask if she was sure the feeders were in the right place instead of writing a blog. I mean one has to set ones priorities right!

It was a bit boring watching the feeders with no action and so Trapper dosed off on the window sill and I decided to go lay down on André and Sue's bed. Sue had changed the linens in the morning and I had to make sure they were ok as Trapper and I always do when there is any kind of freshly washed laundry around. When I went out to check on the bird feeders again an hour or so later, I couldn't believe what I was seeing: Trapper was sleeping through his watch! There was a chickadee in one of the feeders and he didn't even notice it. Of course when I jumped onto the freezer, the bird took off and Trapper, totally startled, almost fell off the window sill.

Now WE know the birds are coming to the feeders and YOU know why this blog is a day late.

See you all next week.

hunter and trapper

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