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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trapper the monkey

Thank you, Trapper, for all the nice things you said about me in our last post. I completely agree with you: cat's personalities are as distinct as people's.

My friend Trapper here is a little monkey. I've never met a cat that likes to climb and be up on things as much as he does. The higher, the better. As I have mentioned in the past, he can get just about anyplace he wants to and he takes advantage of this ability. Sometimes he finds a new place to take a nap and André and Sue are looking for him all over while he is snoozing away.

Trapper is very lively and sometimes runs around for no obvious reason. He loves to chase toys as much as he does a fly. He also loves watching birds and one of his all time favourite places is the windowsill. Of course he gets all excited when there is a bird especially if it is right in front of his nose. Sue has placed a couple of special bird feeders with suction cups on a window just for him (I like to go there myself for some fun). The birds soon found out that we can't do them any harm and so they come back to eat just centimeters from us. You can see that in the picture.

Trapper is totally André's buddy. He loves Sue too but when André is around, that's were you will find Trapper. When André and Sue watch TV, Trapper likes to jump up on the couch and, with a somersault, trow himself belly up right next to André. He also loves to stand on André's lap and lick his beard with a patience you wouldn't believe. For his own grooming he loves to come to me. André and Sue call it his day-spa. He lays down in front of me and then nudges me as a sign that he wants me to clean his face and neck. Those are the spots cats can't groom themselves very well. Of course I do that and sometimes he returns the favour. You see, cats are very social creatures.

There is one thing Trapper is afraid of: thunderstorms. Ever since we had an electric storm (which threw both of us in a panic) he goes hide someplace as soon as there is thunder. It must be the atmosphere more than the thunder itself because he doesn't mind it at all if it comes from the TV. Sue was watching "Twister" the other night and Trapper was right there with her - no problem. I sure hope he will overcome his fear one day because it must be bad to feel like this. André and Sue try to help him with that and it's gotten a bit better lately.

So you see: Trapper is as good and loving and compassionate a buddy as I am and I gladly return that compliment.


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