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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

After Trapper arrived

After Trapper arrived at my house, life became a bit more interesting. You see, we are indoors cats and so there really isn't as much fun to be had as if we could go outside.

First I had to make sure this guy knew where to find food and water and where to go to do his business. So I kept a close eye on him. Since all the excitement of the move had upset his stomach a little, I made sure that he was clean when coming back from the bathroom - again pinned him down, checked and, if necessary, cleaned him.Yeah, that's true. Hunter took really good care of me and was very patient, too. It made me wonder if that growling he did once in a while when I walked past him was just a facade. I think it was. He is a big and strong guy and big, strong guys don't show feelings so obvious. It's a macho thing. But deep down he really liked me right from the start. And I too love him. Hunter would have made a great dad.

Anyway, having to keep an eye on Trapper wasn't the only change around here. As all parents know, having a baby around cuts back on ones sleep drastically. Lay down for a snooze and you can be sure the little guy wants to play. Or get jolted out of a deep sleep because he is biting your ear or simply jumping on you!

LOL, those were fun times. And if I ever went too far and Hunter came after me, I could go hide places he could not get into because he was so much bigger than I. I never had to hide for long though. One of Hunter's qualities is, that he never holds a grouch for long. A low Meow after a minute or so would bring him right back to check if I was ok. Worked like a charm every time.

So much for today.

hunter and trapper

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