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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our humans

We have mentioned our humans in every blog and last week told you that they are actually pretty good. So we thought that they deserve a few minutes of our time and for you to get to know them a little bit this week.

Sue* has always been a cat lover and her family had two cats when she was growing up. The first one got killed in a car accident at a very young age but the second one would be her friend for over 15 years. Later on, when she had her first apartment, she was not allowed to have any pets other than birds or fishes by her landlord. So she had two budgies, little blue birds. There is a little story in this that Hunter will tell you at some later time. Even after moving into this house she had not expected to ever have a cat again until André* sent her to the Human Society to choose one for her birthday in 2000. Since we are both gentlemen, we will not tell you what birthday that was.

This was very nice of André, especially since he had no experience with cats whatsoever. We have to give it to him though, for a guy who's never had a pet before in his life, he has adapted pretty good to being the servant to a higher species. Yes, it's true: the poor guy has never had the opportunity to experience the joy that comes with being allowed into the company of the greatest creature on earth: cats.

They both love us very much and would do just about everything for us - which is nice to know except we can't tell them what that would be. After all these years they still don't understand cat as a language so we have to stick to body-language which complicates things. But just a little. We on the other hand are trilingual: we are fluent in cat and perfectly understand English as well as that other gibberish André and Sue speak. They say it's their mother tongue.

Learning languages is no problem for pets (not even for dogs). The trick is to handle it in a way that keeps the humans wondering if we did understand what they were saying. You see, we are pretty independent and don't like to be bossed around. Humans on the other hand don't like to be ignored. So keeping them happy while at the same time doing whatever we want is kind of a tight rope act. But sometimes we are the ones left wondering if they have caught on to us on this one.

All in all we are one happy family and have a very good understanding. Lets keep it that way.

So long, see you next week

hunter and trapper
*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of humans involved
(Do we have to say this every single time? One would assume that our fans know that by now!)

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Unknown said...

Andre and Sue sound like excellent pets who cater to your every whim, as I'm sure you expect! Hope you give them a treat every once in a while!

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