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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hide and seek

That hiding thing Trapper mentioned in our last post is actually a fun game we play. It's called hide and seek and I used to play it with Sue* and still do once in a while. You see, humans are pretty easy to train. All I had to do is run in front of her, make this huge kitten eyes and look as if I was about to bolt. As soon as she took a step in my direction I did bolt out of sight then waited for her to follow me. It only took a couple of repetitions for her to get it.

Yeah, but with her we always know where she is. I, being a cat and great stalker by nature, had Hunter fooled more often than not until he knew all my favorite hiding places. Letting him go past on his search for me and then attack from behind is one of the most fun things to do. It usually ends in a chase all over the house which is lots of fun too. Hunter is so easy to play fight with. I often sit on the back of the couch or the tea table in the living room so I can see him coming and then, knowing where he is going, attack him when he comes around a corner or a piece of furniture. He never sees it coming!

I have to admit that Trapper is good at this. He is fast too and I've never met another cat who likes to climb like him. He can jump high and far which allows him to get to just about any place in the house he wants to go. I've even seen him balancing on top of a door which he reached by way of office furniture. Trapper has also left more than one scar on Sue, digging in his claws when jumping on her shoulder. That is when she is standing up - I told you he can jump high.

Of course I never meant to hurt André* or Sue. They're good humans and reliable when it comes to doing their chores such as giving us food, water and treats or cleaning our litter box. So I think we'll keep them around for a while.

That's it for today. We have to go now, it's time to go bug Sue for some treats.

hunter and trapper
*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of humans involved

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