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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cats and dogs

Ok, we hear you. Some of you didn't like the comment we made about dogs last week. You have to look at it this way: we were actually paying them a compliment by admitting that they can learn languages. But don't expect us to go any further than that - we are cats after all. And the proverb "fighting like dogs and cats" isn't just some invention. It describes the relationship between us and them pretty accurately. So whenever we hear André and Sue talking about getting a dog some day (they love dogs as much as they do cats for some reason) it scares us a bit.

Actually cats and dogs can go along just fine as we know from quiet a few examples. So I am wondering if that would work for us, too. What do you think? Maybe we could train a dog, especially if it's a puppy, and then have some fun with it. I saw on TV that all you need to make this happen is a calm and assertive pack leader, so if the puppy would understand that, the two of us could be that leader and make it happen.

Yeah, possible. I mean it's not that we are opposed to other animals - some of them would really be fun to chase. Well, there was the time when Hunter moved in. Sue had two birds at the time and she and André wanted to make sure Hunter would not harm or scare them. As if he had a chance to get to them in their cage. That's almost cruelty on animals - put them right in front of you with wire in between. Takes the fun right out of it.

It was frustrating, I must admit. Whenever I approached the cage, André and Sue would spray me with water. And you know how much cats hate water! Only my coat is so long and dense, that the water never reached my skin and therefor did not bother me the least. I would just close my eyes when they aimed for my face and sit there, dripping wet. It took them some time but they eventually got the message: no matter what they did to keep me away from the birds, I would not budge. So after a while they gave up. It was then that I started go sleep right on top of the cage. Didn't seem to bother the birds at all. They would actually climb up the side and pull on my fur - true story!

Well, enough of that, lets go for a snooze. See you all around

hunter and trapper

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our humans

We have mentioned our humans in every blog and last week told you that they are actually pretty good. So we thought that they deserve a few minutes of our time and for you to get to know them a little bit this week.

Sue* has always been a cat lover and her family had two cats when she was growing up. The first one got killed in a car accident at a very young age but the second one would be her friend for over 15 years. Later on, when she had her first apartment, she was not allowed to have any pets other than birds or fishes by her landlord. So she had two budgies, little blue birds. There is a little story in this that Hunter will tell you at some later time. Even after moving into this house she had not expected to ever have a cat again until André* sent her to the Human Society to choose one for her birthday in 2000. Since we are both gentlemen, we will not tell you what birthday that was.

This was very nice of André, especially since he had no experience with cats whatsoever. We have to give it to him though, for a guy who's never had a pet before in his life, he has adapted pretty good to being the servant to a higher species. Yes, it's true: the poor guy has never had the opportunity to experience the joy that comes with being allowed into the company of the greatest creature on earth: cats.

They both love us very much and would do just about everything for us - which is nice to know except we can't tell them what that would be. After all these years they still don't understand cat as a language so we have to stick to body-language which complicates things. But just a little. We on the other hand are trilingual: we are fluent in cat and perfectly understand English as well as that other gibberish André and Sue speak. They say it's their mother tongue.

Learning languages is no problem for pets (not even for dogs). The trick is to handle it in a way that keeps the humans wondering if we did understand what they were saying. You see, we are pretty independent and don't like to be bossed around. Humans on the other hand don't like to be ignored. So keeping them happy while at the same time doing whatever we want is kind of a tight rope act. But sometimes we are the ones left wondering if they have caught on to us on this one.

All in all we are one happy family and have a very good understanding. Lets keep it that way.

So long, see you next week

hunter and trapper
*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of humans involved
(Do we have to say this every single time? One would assume that our fans know that by now!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hide and seek

That hiding thing Trapper mentioned in our last post is actually a fun game we play. It's called hide and seek and I used to play it with Sue* and still do once in a while. You see, humans are pretty easy to train. All I had to do is run in front of her, make this huge kitten eyes and look as if I was about to bolt. As soon as she took a step in my direction I did bolt out of sight then waited for her to follow me. It only took a couple of repetitions for her to get it.

Yeah, but with her we always know where she is. I, being a cat and great stalker by nature, had Hunter fooled more often than not until he knew all my favorite hiding places. Letting him go past on his search for me and then attack from behind is one of the most fun things to do. It usually ends in a chase all over the house which is lots of fun too. Hunter is so easy to play fight with. I often sit on the back of the couch or the tea table in the living room so I can see him coming and then, knowing where he is going, attack him when he comes around a corner or a piece of furniture. He never sees it coming!

I have to admit that Trapper is good at this. He is fast too and I've never met another cat who likes to climb like him. He can jump high and far which allows him to get to just about any place in the house he wants to go. I've even seen him balancing on top of a door which he reached by way of office furniture. Trapper has also left more than one scar on Sue, digging in his claws when jumping on her shoulder. That is when she is standing up - I told you he can jump high.

Of course I never meant to hurt André* or Sue. They're good humans and reliable when it comes to doing their chores such as giving us food, water and treats or cleaning our litter box. So I think we'll keep them around for a while.

That's it for today. We have to go now, it's time to go bug Sue for some treats.

hunter and trapper
*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of humans involved

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

After Trapper arrived

After Trapper arrived at my house, life became a bit more interesting. You see, we are indoors cats and so there really isn't as much fun to be had as if we could go outside.

First I had to make sure this guy knew where to find food and water and where to go to do his business. So I kept a close eye on him. Since all the excitement of the move had upset his stomach a little, I made sure that he was clean when coming back from the bathroom - again pinned him down, checked and, if necessary, cleaned him.Yeah, that's true. Hunter took really good care of me and was very patient, too. It made me wonder if that growling he did once in a while when I walked past him was just a facade. I think it was. He is a big and strong guy and big, strong guys don't show feelings so obvious. It's a macho thing. But deep down he really liked me right from the start. And I too love him. Hunter would have made a great dad.

Anyway, having to keep an eye on Trapper wasn't the only change around here. As all parents know, having a baby around cuts back on ones sleep drastically. Lay down for a snooze and you can be sure the little guy wants to play. Or get jolted out of a deep sleep because he is biting your ear or simply jumping on you!

LOL, those were fun times. And if I ever went too far and Hunter came after me, I could go hide places he could not get into because he was so much bigger than I. I never had to hide for long though. One of Hunter's qualities is, that he never holds a grouch for long. A low Meow after a minute or so would bring him right back to check if I was ok. Worked like a charm every time.

So much for today.

hunter and trapper

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A little bit about us (cont.)

Now that Trapper has let the cat out of the bag (so to speak) about my weight issues, let me tell you a little bit about him.

As he has already mentioned he came to live with us in 2003, walking into my house as if it was all his! He was cute enough in one room while I had the rest of the house to myself for a couple of days. André* and Sue* had removed the door and put a wood frame with rabbit wire there instead so we could see and smell each other but not mingle. Then they let him out for the first time so we could finally meet face to face. Of course I had to lay the law down right then and let him know who is boss here. Know how that is done? No? Ok, you pin him to the floor and take his throat into your teeth. Then you stand there like this for a few seconds and then walk away and ignore him for a day or so just to make sure he got the message. Now, I have to admit I couldn't resist his playful approaches for that long, he was just too cute as you can see in his baby picture. He is also a little crazy if you ask me. Runs around a lot and wants to climb the higher the better - kids!

Anyway, we became real good buddies even though once in a while we have a little fight. He can be a little bugger, you know, and get on my nerves when all I want to do is have my peace and quiet. But all in all he is ok (won't admit that I love him when he's around to hear it).

Yeah, that's a little rundown on my buddy Trapper. See you next week for more of this (I think we're getting the hang of this after all)


*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of humans involved