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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our first trip in the fifth wheel

We are back from Almonte where we spent 9 days with Sue in the 5th wheel. Actually we came back 3 days ago but we couldn't get Sue to type up our post for you. Anyways, she was there to help her friend with preparations for her daughter's wedding and we got to go along. André and Sue decided it would be a good way to get us used to living in the trailer. 

We have to tell you: living in the fifth wheel is actually not bad. What we didn't like at all was the driving! Man, there we were in new surroundings all by ourselves and then it started moving and shaking. It was scary! Thankfully we found a space underneath the couch were we could hide and we only came out when Sue came to check on us a few times during the trip. We finally arrived and, as we already said, had a pretty good time. There were horses real close to the fifth wheel which we could watch. And we had the trailer all to ourselves most of the time because Sue was at the house or running errands. But she made sure to come check on us regularly because it was extremely hot and, the first few days, muggy. So Sue made sure we were comfortable, had enough water and even ran the air conditioning when needed. In the evening she would have time for us which we really enjoyed.

So all went really well and then on Sunday, André and Sue took us back to Corbeil. But this time we traveled in the car with them. Initially Trapper whined for a bit because he doesn't like rides in the car but after they stopped and let us out for a bathroom stop (on harnesses and leashes) he settled down, too.

End of this month, in about 10 days or so, we will return to Almonte and then the fifth wheel will become our permanent home for the time being. So stay tuned. We will have a lot to tell you once the big trip begins.

See you around
hunter and trapper

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