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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trapper's accident

Unlike Hunter I hate to drive in the car - especially when Sue drives. So any visit to the vet is bad even when it is just for a check-up and it turns out that I am healthy.

Once I am there this guy starts pocking me and listening to my heart and lungs and whatnot. Then he gives me my shots and I am all set for a couple more years. No big deal one would think. But who likes needles? I hate them and so I try to bolt for the door any chance I get. But the vet knows me well enough and keeps that door closed. Darn! So last time I was there I tried to jump up on the top shelf in the room to escape but Sue, knowing me even better than the vet, caught me just in time to prevent that. When we were done and Sue was paying the bill it was time for me to take revenge and jumped on the shelf near the secretary's desk. See Sue had not put me in a carrier but had put a harness and leash on me thinking that this way I would be more comfortable in the car. As I said: I jumped up and things went flying when Sue tried to get me down again.

Other then routine checkups I had to go see the vet only once: One day I tried to jump on something but slipped and fell. In the process I hit really hard and it hurt a lot. That afternoon when Sue tried to pick me up it hurt so bad, that I screamed. At first she thought this was protest because I didn't get my way but when she tried it again and I screamed again, she knew something was wrong. She let me be and kept an eye on me to see what was going to happen. I went for a snooze on André's bed but after laying there for a while even breathing hurt and I started to moan a bit with every breath. Enough is enough, Sue said to André, this is not good and I am taking him to the vet. She put me in the car and drove off. As you know I don't like driving in the car and the excitement and pain combined got me to hang my tongue out and pant like a dog. Sue was very concerned by know, thinking that I had punctured a lung or something and was going to die.

Turned out that I had broken the end of my sternum - that is the bone along the chest, between the ribs. The vet gave me a shot with antibiotics and painkiller that lasted for several days and I was released home with a very, very relieved Sue. He advised Sue that she and André were not allow to pick me up for 3 weeks to give the bone a chance to grow back together which it eventually did. Just not in the right position. Instead of going front to back it now goes off to the side. It doesn't hurt anymore but I have a lasting memory of that incident and sure hope it will never happen again.

I still don't like to go to the vet but I know he is only trying to help me when I need it and he, as everybody else there, is actually very nice. So: thanks a lot vets and staff of the Callander Animal Hospital for all you do for us. Not just from me but from Hunter, too.

This is about it with regards to me and my vet. Hunter on the other hand has some more stories he can tell you. So check in again next week.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Talking of health

We've mentioned health and the vet a few times in our past blogs. Nobody wants to go there but sometimes one has to do things, one doesn't like. Like getting your check-up. It used to be annually but now we only have to go every second year which is much better. It isn't all that bad for me, as long as they don't try to take my temperature or to cut some of my fur off which only happens when I am sick or hurt.

The vet is a nice enough guy. Everybody at the animal hospital is very nice and knowledgeable actually. It's all this being poked and then getting needles which is not much fun at all. There is also a different atmosphere in there - like I am not in control. So I am usually glad to get out of there and go home.

When I am sick and have to go see my vet, that's when it gets hairy - really hairy! First time I was sick Sue took me there. I am not feeling well at all to start with and then the vet wants to take my temperature! I DON'T THINK SO! After he tried a couple of times to no avail while Sue tried to hold me down and I bit her, he put a muzzle on me and tried again. Muzzle or no muzzle I will not go along with this. So I bite Sue again - through that thing. Finally he managed to do it to me. In my defense I have to say I was weak and running a fewer. If it wasn't for that they would never have gotten away with it.

Once the vet was done with his examination, he gave me a shot and admitted me to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation and further treatment. Sue was standing there, blood running down her hand and dripping on the table from where I had bitten her and the vet actually looked a bit shocked at that. Wait, my friend, you haven't seen anything yet!

They put me in a cage and I didn't like it a bit. There were other animals too and this really stressed me out. So I started raising heck in there. So much so that the vet called André and Sue the next morning and asked them to come pick me up. He said that none of the patients (including me) could relax and get better because of the turmoil I created. Ok, I won and got to go home. Of course I was still sick and needed medication so André and Sue were supposed to give me a pill every day. That turned out to be a story in itself. I usually am a good patient, just ask Sue, but shoving those things down my throat became a challenge for them let me tell you that.

Anyway, I recovered after a week or so and was glad to put that experience behind me. Little did I know that there would be another one to follow. But before I tell you about that its Trapper's turn. He will tell you of his experiences next week.

See you around

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Snipp snipp

Last week we told you what good care the Human Society people took of us and how André and Sue are continuing to look after us. If you remember we also mentioned that it is not easy to find loving homes for all of us when there are so many. But why are there so many dogs and cats in need of a good home? There are pet owners who don't see the value in neutering/spaying their cats and dogs and by not doing it they contribute to a population explosion.

Did you know that a single female cat which has not been spayed can over the span of 7 years produce more than 420,000 kittens! This is with kids, grand-kids, grand-grand-kids etc. - you get the picture.

Now, Trapper and I both would have made great dads. But despite that and the fact that we are proud males, we don't mind at all that we have been neutered - it is actually good for our health and so we strongly support this practice!

If you adopt one of our friends from the Human Society, in many cases they will actually help you with the cost by refunding a certain amount once the vet confirms that he/she has done the procedure on you new pal. Animals from the Human Society also come with a clean bill of health, their shots are up to date (as far as they can be with regards to age and how long they have been there/immunisation schedule etc.) and with a micro chip planted under their skin. What this is for? Well, should you ever get separated, any vet or Human Society and many shelters can scan for that chip and find out where you live. So you can easily and quickly be reunited. Isn't that great?

So go ahead and get yourself a new best friend from the Human Society but remember: when you have a pet you are responsible for its well being including its health. So do your cat or dog a favour and get them neutered/spayed. This will also help make your relationship smoother.

Until next week
hunter and trapper

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pets and their humans

As you know from our last post, animals can get along just fine among each other - at least in some cases. But they almost always get along with humans just so long as the humans treat them with respect, provide for the animal and give them a little love. A prime example of that is the Human Society.

As you know that's where both of us come from and we just have to give those guys our respect and love! It is amazing what they do with whatever means they have. They take in abandoned and even abused animals and nurture them back to health if they can. In some cases, when an animal is too hurt or sick or has reached the point where it can no longer trust humans because of bad experiences, that poor animal has to be put to sleep. This is very, very sad! You see, once you have a pet you are responsible for it and that means more than just giving it a name. It means to provide food, water, shelter, medical care, play time and love. Animals have feelings too and you should treat them with respect and love. If you do so, you will be rewarded with lots of fun and love in return. In our house it works this way.

In most cases the Human Society is able to bring an animal back to the point where it can be adopted out to a loving home - just like Hunter and I. As we already said: they do a fantastic job and try so hard to find a home for every single one of us. This is not easy as long as there are pet owners who don't see the value of neutering/spaying their cat or dog. But that is another story for another day.

Anyway, we want to thank the people at the Human Society from the bottom of our hearts for the love and great care they gave us and give to all the other animals they try to help. We hope that all our friends have already or soon will find loving homes.

So, if you consider getting yourself a cat or dog, go to the Human Society. You sure will find a new companion there and we are convinced that you will be rewarded greatly by your new friend if you provide a loving home and the basic necessities. But always remember: once you have a pet, you are responsible for it and its well being and adopting a four legged pal is a long term commitment.

Cheers and see you around.

hunter and trapper