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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Something is going on

Hi everyone

Something is going on in our fifth wheel. The weather is getting even warmer than what it was all winter long and it seems that the season is changing. Spring is in the air and with this come some changes around here. André and Sue seem to get antsy to hit the road again. They have been talking more and more about travel plans for this summer and the other day André washed the whole fifth wheel down while Sue went golfing. She sure took the easy way out there. Anyways, they are getting ready to leave Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park and head North. So far as we can tell, it's still pretty cold in Ontario and so we hope they have enough smarts to take it slow. We don't want to go see snow!

That just might be wishful thinking, though. As you may know by now, André and Sue went off the deep end a couple of weeks ago and adopted a dog! What were they thinking?! And not just any dog. I mean not one of those small ones called one sort of toy breed or another. No! Princess (what's up with that name anyways? Is she going to get the royal treatment while we have to share our space with her?) is a Shepherd/Collie mix and weights in at about 60 lbs. She is huge, I mean like 10 feet tall or so. At least it looks like that from where we stand.

Don't go over board there, buddy. She's no more than 7 feet if you ask me. The good thing about her is that she has all green lights from the vet, all her shots, a micro chip and is spayed. André and Sue got her at the animal shelter in Inverness. An animal shelter is the same as the human society which means she is a rescue dog. André and Sue are all excited about her and claim that she is very well behaved. To us the only thing that really matters is that she leaves us alone for the most part. Even to the point of outright ignoring us. We still don't trust her all the way though and will keep an eye on her for the time being.

I don't think we have anything to say about her living with us. She is here to stay so we better get used to it. Meantime we enjoy that Sue takes us out for walks almost every single day. Must be the bad conscious although we must admit that we got to go outside regularly lately. We'll see how that is going to play out once we're traveling again. So come back and see - we will keep you posted.

See you around
hunter and trapper

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